About Us

We are a team that was founded in 2012 and have been operating ever since. Eastern Ohio Robotics is our boosters organization, whose goals are to support robotics teams throughout eastern Ohio. We compete in the First Robotics Challenge, or FRC. Every January we are given six weeks to Design, Prototype, Build and Program a 120-pound robot. In the past, we have won two first Awards In 2013, We were awarded the Industrial Design Award By General Motors. The team had to design a robot that could shoot frisbees or climb a pyramid. During that competition, we designed frisbee shooting that could shoot frisbee across the field ( about the same size as a basketball court ). In 2016 we had to build a robot to breach our opponent’s fortifications, weaken their tower with boulders and capture their tower. Our robot was designed to go through the fortifications to gain points and carry boulders across the field and score them in the lower of the two goals for points. At our competition two years ago, we placed 13th out of 52 teams there in Qualifiers, which made us qualify for the Ohio State Championship. We placed 14th in Qualifiers and were selected for an alliance that came in 2nd in finals. In 2017 we had to build a robot to shoot whiffle balls into a 9-foot tall goal, place gears onto a rod, a climb a 5-foot rope. Our robot was designed to both climb the rope and shoot the whiffle balls into the tower. We automated our shooter to automatically aim the robot using a camera, distance sensor, and angle adjusting system. Our team's goals are: To Promote students to the fields of Science, Technology, engineering, and mathematics To student in the engineering process Inspire future engineers and programmers

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