T-Shirt Cannon

The team's’ lead outreach robot is the Cannon Bot, which is a repurposed FRC Robot from 2016’s game, FIRST Stronghold. In Stronghold, the robot was made to effectively go under, through, and over obstacles to score “boulders” into the opposing team’s castle, and it's robust drivetrain made it a perfect fit to be the team’s new outreach robot. Once the robot’s dual cannon system was made, it was mounted to the frame (along with several more supports) to ensure the cannons would stay in place. We now bring the Cannon Bot to events around Granville and beyond to spread STEM education and the ideals of FIRST, all while launching T-shirts! If you want to see the bot up close, make sure to check out our booth during Granville Trick or Treating as well as the Candlelight Walking Tour. But if you want to see the bot in action, come see us at the Granville High School football games!

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